SolarClover Rooftop System

The SolarClover residential energy system is designed for consumers who want an attractive, easy to install energy system that's the right size for their home.  

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solarclover panels

SolarClover panels are constructed of advanced polymer materials that enable them to be exceptionally lightweight, low-maintenance and rugged.  

SolarClover panels:

  • Are 1/3 the weight of standard panels
  • Rarely need to be cleaned
  • Can withstand harsh treatment 

SolarClover panels use the same inexpensive, high-efficiency silicon solar cells that most solar panels use, but instead of a metal frame and glass front to the panels, we rely on a number of lightweight yet durable polymer films and composites.

This allows us to offer different form factors, better handling during installation and better performance with regard to weight, operations and durability. 

SolarClovers are currently available only through our early access program.


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Rapid assembly racks

SolarClovers feature a unique plug-and-play triangular rack that:

  • assembles in seconds
  • remains stable and secure on uneven roof surfaces
  • our solar panels snap right in

The SolarClover rack arrives pre-wired, with all wiring and connections made at our factory, so you don't have to make them on the roof.  

Our solar panels snap in easily and securely to the racks, making installation fast and error-free.

Each rack includes integrated Enphase microinverters so the entire system is low-voltage and puts out standard AC current from the rooftop.  No external grounding is required, further simplifying installation.

The Clover rack was one of the first in the industry to receive a UL 2703 certification for safety and reliability.  It ships in compact, easy to handle flat boxes with all components including roof anchors included.


clover  dashboard

Carry the sun in your pocket – every SolarClover system includes a custom monitoring dashboard that tells you how much energy your system produces through the day and at the current moment.

The dashboard tracks key data on your system, including: 

  • current energy output
  • local weather
  • daily system production

The dashboard also tracks historical and notifies you of any fault conditions.

Also, combined with the production estimate provided by the Clover Analysis Tool, the Dashboard lets you know if your system is performing optimally