ARMAGEDDON ENERGY isn't just a name.

Armageddon Energy Rugged solar panels are designed to withstand the harshest conditions while still being easy to ship, deploy and operate.   

Armageddon Rugged Panels being deployed

Armageddon Rugged Panels being deployed

Close-up of exit hole from a .308 at 75 yards 

300W panel with narrow profile and edge connectors

Rapid deployment racks ready for shipping

Safe, Resilient Design

Armageddon Rugged Panels are made entirely from advanced polymer materials that prevent operators from receiving shocks from exposed metal, cuts from damaged glass or strain from handling heavy panels.

The panels can handle drops, impact, vibration, flexing and gunfire with minimal effect on output, and when they are dropped while handling, they're less likely to injure personnel


Fast to deploy

Our panels are 1/3 the weight of standard panels and 1/4 the thickness.  They handle easily and pack efficiently.  We can provide custom panel formats to improve speed and ease of deployment and for integration with specialized racking or attachments, which we can also provide.


Modular design 

Our panel can be customized to meet the needs of specific applications and fit the demands of challenging environments, including designing panels that can be retrofitted into existing systems to offer greater deployability and resilience.  Our flexible manufacturing facility can rapidly produce panels in custom form factors to meet specific system requirements, and we can design and deliver custom mounting and racking to adapt or replace existing systems.  


bulletproof technology

The panels have been tested on firing ranges against high-powered rifles and consistently shown to produce high levels of power even after sustaining repeated impacts.