About armageddon energy

Armageddon Energy is a Silicon Valley solar startup that develops attractive, easy to install solar energy systems for consumers, the military and commercial microgrids, particularly in emerging markets. Armageddon Energy was one of the first solar companies to develop and commercialize a lightweight polymer solar panel using crystalline solar cells.  Armageddon Energy also developed an innovative rapid deployment racking system and site analysis software that enables anyone with a cell phone and a simple plastic device to instantly measure and analyze the potential of a customer site to produce solar energy.

Mark Goldman, Founder & CEo

Mark Goldman.jpg

With the help of some of Silicon Valley's finest sales strategists, product designers and materials and manufacturing experts, Mark founded Armageddon to help deliver on the full promise of solar, by developing products that fit the needs of the industry's most demanding customers, in particular mainstream consumer rooftops and remote microgrids.

Prior to Armageddon, Mark helped launch pioneering commercial solar finance provider Tioga Energy.  He also founded EtherSea Communications, a centralized text and voice messaging service provider, and PITO Networks, one of the earliest free file storage and sharing companies.

Early in his career, Mark had the great fortune of working in the Administration of President George H.W. Bush, serving in the White House Office of Cabinet Affairs, focusing on energy and security issues as a junior staffer, and at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, where he worked in the Administrator’s Office on special initiatives such as the launch of the Energy Star program and cap and trade for acid rain reduction.  

Mark is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Stanford Business School.