SolarClover panels being deployed

A 300W SolarClover panel 

A 300W SolarClover panel 


Due to their exceptionally light weight, minimal maintenance requirements and simple deployment, SolarClover panels are ideal for many commercial applications, including large warehouses, remote microgrids and ground-mounted systems.

By some estimates, up to 1 in 3 commercial rooftop systems is limited by the load carrying capacity of the roof.  Our panels are 1/3 the weight of standard panel, tripling the available system size.

Starting with the version 1 design, SolarClover panels have been extensively tested in the lab and in the field.  The v1 panels, racks and complete systems were certified by Intertek to UL 1703, 1741 and 2703.  We are currently in field tests with beta customers for the v2 commercial panels. 

SolarClover v2 commercial panels are currently available through our early access program.